Sabtu, 29 September 2012

A good woman For a good & Man and vice versa

Woman does not only need the guy, but rather that men and women need each other. It is the nature of God that all things in the world is up and balanced. But why do women need a man in her life? And for what a woman is free to spend his life a man? Would have been nice if it could ngeceng every week-end, get acquainted with many men and establishing relationships with them.

But it's not like it is. I have an acquaintance women who live life exactly as illustrated above. These women feel to have the couple is not fun. He's more like the relationship that no commitment on it. The term cool is free association. At first he felt that it was fun, but gradually began his mental disturbed. He encountered many men who consider it just an object, which can be swapped out, exhibited, and other sebagianya. He begins to feel lonely and looking for love. But in the course of the search was precisely he found men are worse than ever.

In the end any guidance came to him. He chose to leave his world. He no longer comes to nightclubs no longer guzzling booze and he no longer adultery. At first he was also feeling foreign, lonely and heavy. But in return it to the path of God, he met many good friends, Muslims and muslimah who guide him to the right path. In the end after 1 year, he discovered his love for, and applied for a the ustadz marry her even though he has been honest about his past. He buried the ustadz shared past and start a new life with full of love. It was a story moving for me.

That's what his love, he will not come when we expect and we are looking for. If a woman wants a good man, he should fix himself first. Just a good woman for a good guy and vice versa. Good men certainly do not fall from the sky. The good man does not always come with a handsome face, which looks cool and the abundant treasures. But both men are those that accompany the women up to the end of life, guiding every woman's behavior, being a good example for your family and become a breadwinner that halal in God's way.

From the above we can deduce that a woman, also in need of men. Of course the guy who took it as a couple, not as goods. As well as men, need a good woman and be loved. The past is behind her, don't carry it anymore. Therefore if you are a woman who needs a man, do not say no more nice guy in this world. Rest assured if God has prepared the BEST love match for you ...!! Make sure also that you are the best love match for her. ..!!

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