Sabtu, 29 September 2012

Not Being A ' Nobody ' Was Fun Too You Know!

If you are invited wishing, wanting so whether you, a King/Queen or just ordinary commoners? Most of you must have answered .... the King/Queen. Well, not hypocritical that being a King/Queen sounds more fun than just a commoner. Some provide food, nothing opens the Palace gate/car, no need to wash clothes or dishes, also do not have to clean up the spill milk for children.

Everything seems to be free of the burden and so much fun. Perhaps for this reason many people then vying to become famous people players, the soap opera actress, to the top performers. Everything smells of Fame was so loved.

However, is it true that became the ' over ' is always fun? In point of fact no. Even just a few people among the top which longs to be ordinary people only. Those who once tasted the ordinary life in the past, and later became famous, and even missed their old lives. Why is it so?

Few have, a few others prosecuted, that's why. Envy on salary tops the heck is okay, but do you know how heavy a load of work to her daily responsibilities? Coming home late at night almost every day. Bear senior boss slur consequential 1-2 other employees. ...

Salivating with all the wealth that belongs to the celebrities? Wait until You see how hard their hearts when the foundation of the personal lives of public tender meal. Or, for those women who like to be the wife of wealthy businessman? Have a heart first ball field that is ready when the lonely husbands are busy doing business.

The human habit of looking to the top often creates a sense of envy and less grateful to the circumstances. But if you want to look at it from two sides, not just the sides enaknya, then we will know that they bear a heavy demands. Highlighted people, judged his demeanor, supervised his error, heckled negligence ... all things that may never be felt by someone who is ' not anyone '.

So, if today you awake to the circumstances complained of a bed is hard, simple meals, a battered minibus to get to work, to the President, who even do not recognize who you are, remember only one thing, God already gave a ration that is best for You every day. Thankful for your circumstances, trying your best, because life is not about who you are, it's what you do. Greetings!

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