Rabu, 19 September 2012

The End of The Mind

The end of the mind is a last choice that we want. What your destination of the life? You can do anything with your life true if you know what the goal of your life. Like a heaven and Hell. Everybody want to come in the heaven, not hell. It is the end of the life that we want. How can I come to the heaven? What the way that we must flight to get in heaven. We know the way to the heaven is very simple but that has a stout barrier.

When we do anything, we start from the purpose. So, we know how to get it and what the way that we do. We know the process of life is never flat. We can get a lot of trial and we have some solution. We choose the solution that has a little impact, because every solution has an impact. And what about the end?

Everybody want to get the end of life in the peace. Terms and Conditions apply for us. Like a law of cause effect.We strive to give and get the best. Sometimes, we feel ours self is the best from other. In fact, we must learn more about the goodness. We can not judge that we are right from other, whereas the other people feels threatened by our actions. This is a little of arrogant. Everybody have a different though and way to be the best of actor/actress in this world that they do to get in heaven in the end their life.

Keyword to get the heaven is godly. We must believe God, Angel, Prophet, the Holy book, Doomsday and Destiny. In the faith, we are required to do good, help others and not hurt each other. We trust the God is The Great Creature for all the world and the residents. He gives us life to worship Him. We life to benefit others and keep in the peace. Angel is showed that God is always beside us and keep us with love. Angel has a project that is given by God. Prophet is the evident for us to always reform our self. Many fact in history of Prophet show the Power of God to leads his people.And the Holy Book is a way of life. We must believe the Doomsday will come but we never know when it will come. It is the secret of life for people to always alert. And the destiny has two meaning; can be changed and can not be changed. Destiny can be change is like ability, wealth, ingenuity and intellectualism. Destiny can not be changed is like sex, part of body, sun set and sun rise.

Now, we know that the end of the mind. Human is creature that very like to thinking. Thinking to find the true and truth. But, we have limited to thinking over. Not all of this world can think by logical. The last, we only resignation to God. And do the best benefit for human being from the end of the mind.

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