Sabtu, 20 Oktober 2012

Goal is The End of Process

When we watch the match of football, we are waiting for the goal from each team. They play with full power to make a goal. Only one focus by each player football is goal. Goal is the end process that they make to be the winner match. More over goal that they made is the full score. In the end, score of match is accounted from the goal.

How about the process to make a success? What is success? Where is it?

When we make the plan of goal, we choose the mission that must follow. Goal is success but the success is process. Nobody have a goal with success and success never come if do not a process.

Process is biggest than success and goal, because all of plan, mission, target and activity become one. We have a plan in the process. When plan A is impossible, we have back up in plan B. Plan B is second way that plan A is failed. We are free to make how many plans to success. Every plan has an impact. And we must be wise to choose that. Since we born, we will go to process every time, not only for become success and goal because life is process. Part of body still function and always be process for human life until them death.

Success is the middle between process and goal. Everybody wants to success and actually be success but not find the goal yet. We must feel enjoy in the success because the process that we done before. We are not stop in success because we not get the goal. Some people who become a high position in their office are success but not goal yet. When some people become president, they still have a mission that must to do that. Target of success is goal. 

Goal is the finish from process and success. Success will end in goal. All targets have the end. Every way has purpose and the last place. We will come to the last rest place but we do not know where it is. When the people die, they still remember about themselves. This is a highest norm that will never forget by people. Goal of life is two places, there is heaven or hell.

So, begin from the goal of life to choose the best success and process. And play with beautiful style. Make a big plan with luxurious goal. 

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