Senin, 15 Oktober 2012

You Only Live Once!

Since, we had born in the world. We had a message for being a good person and enjoyed this life. We only have a once life to enjoyed this life with another way. The most important is not disturbing another person with our activity.  

Past, Now and Future are the time for us to do the best human being. When the past go on, we cannot come back for repeat our activity. We are only life now, not in the past and the future. The future is never come. The past is never back. Now is only once opportunity that we have to do well.

The experience in the past teaches us to be better today. We are not to repeat the mistake. We can change the mistake to be a wisely. The mistake is the important thing to make us brave and success. Everybody have a mistake that give them full power to be right. 
Future is never. Future is only a big hope and not real. Goal of the life in the future is detected from now. Today will make your future real. Do it now, not tomorrow. We make dream of life in the truth activity. Think of future that we do to get it. We are free to make a dream and free to make dreams come true with another ways. Many ways open to us for do something in the right rule.

The rule will be index of the act to us. Everybody must follow the rule for do not disturb another. Everybody have a freedom by the rules. Enjoy with the rule that make a good condition.

Now is real. Fact of all the activity is real. We are only life now. Now become the big kingdom that we build for heaven in the future. Do the best thing than before to express your development self. We have some opportunities that we must choose one to be our ways to success. Make a plan and do that. From now, we just do for today but we can feel the result tomorrow. We work harder than usual for take the target quicker. 

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